Recycling Radioactive Scrap Metal


Most of do not have a problem with recycling can-tin cans, cardboard, plastic bottles, etc. However, when it comes items such as nuclear and radioactive waste, recycling is not the option. If these recycled products are reused in consumer goods, it can put the population in serious danger.

The bad news is that the government is currently talking about selling these scraps, placing them in the chain of production for everyday items.

This includes lost, stolen, or abandoned metals.  Another is contaminated scrap which is contaminated during  drilling that releases radioactive minerals into the pipes, equipment, or land surrounding the area. radioactive-scrap-metal

The Department of Defense has recently stated that they want to begin selling radioactive  scrap to processors in the scrap metal chain, placing them right alongside other non-contaminated scraps. For many years there was a policy in place that banned this type of metal from being placed into the chain; that policy is on its way out.

Some experts note that if this  happens, consumers will “be exposed to the equivalent of dozens of chest X-rays over their lifetimes…with no informed consent.” This can lead to higher risks of leukemia and other types of cancer.

If this plan works out as proposed, approximately 14,000 tons of this dangerous scrap could be placed into our production streams.

Recycling Radioactive
Scrap Metal

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