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Our company provides Scrap metal recycling service nationwide including the New Orleans area. Our scrap metal buyers are here to help you with your needs, call our scrap yard today at 214-502-5030 or visit our website here ~~> Americanscrapmetal...

Scrap metal

Metal Powder Recycling

Scrap metal

Our metal powder buyers provide you with 1st class metal powder recycling service. We'll provide very easy terms and competitive pricing "We can match or pay more than competitors". Our buyers offer Tungsten Powder Recycling, Moly Powder Recycling "Molybdenum Powder" and more. Let our metal dust buyers develop a program that is taylored to your needs. Your material will be weighed & inspected to provide the best prices available.

Our metal dust recycling programs include: Grinding sludge, Tungsten powder recycling, Moly powder recycling "Molybdenum powder" & many others, if you have any other exotic alloy grinding sludge or dust our buyers can get it graded.