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Toledo's best workplaces at a glance - Toledo Blade

Toledo Blade

Toledo's best workplaces at a glance
Toledo Blade
We produce our steel by melting scrap steel, alloys, and virgin iron into our electric arc furnaces. Once molten, the liquid steel is ... Each year we make about 2.2 million tons of flat-rolled steel primarily from recycled scrap steel. □ Ohioans Home ...

Colonial Metals president to retire - Recycling Today

Colonial Metals president to retire
Recycling Today
colonial metals president retires David Serls, chairman of the board of directors for Colonial Metals Co., Columbia, Pennsylvania, has reported that Michael Mann, president and chief operations officer of the company, has announced plans to retire from ...

Additive's Idiosyncrasies - Modern Machine Shop

Additive's Idiosyncrasies
Modern Machine Shop
The user of a DMLS machine, for example, might alter the laser power and beam diameter for different jobs and different alloys. But other considerations are more universal to .... For CIMP-3D and other additive manufacturing organizations, the ...

Stainless scrap traders' hopes go unfulfilled - Recycling International

Stainless scrap traders' hopes go unfulfilled
Recycling International
According to Heinz H. Pariser Alloy Metals and Steel Market Research of Germany, EU-28 imports of stainless steel scrap from third countries remained virtually unchanged in the first three quarters of 2014 when compared to the corresponding period in ...

Range Lead Recovery

Scrap metal recycling nationwide

We provide gun ranges with shooting range lead recovery service which is meant to keep lead contamination & dust to very low levels and to help prevent bullets from ricocheting back towards your customers. Our range lead recovery-reclamation service will also help to generate a small revenue that can help any shooting range with extra cash. Our gun range recovery service will be planned in conjunction with the rangemaster/owner to perfrom our recovery service on a day that best suits our customers.

In addition to our range lead recovery service we also offer once fired bullet brass recycling in combination with our gun range lead reclmation service it will generate even more revenue to help you the customer even more. Please contact our company with any questions regarding our range lead recovery or to set up a schedule.

Scrap metal recycling

Did you knnow?

Most scrap metal
recycling companies
have you ship your
scrap metal to them
& that once they
receive your scrap
they can & will
downgrade your scrap
even if you sent a
sample & it has
been described as

That's the difference
we will always make
the deal in person
if needed, then pay
you cash on the spot
prior to loading in
most cases. If it's
1000 lbs of copper
or 100,000 lbs. of
Nickel you can
assure no hassle
payment terms.

So call us now &
save a headache,
money or maybe
even your job with


Of companies that
have high priced
offers, that ask you
to have your scrap
shipped to them!
You have been warned!