Scrap brass recycling
Scrap Brass Recycling

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Life, recycled: Big business in the eco-craze - BBC News

BBC News

Life, recycled: Big business in the eco-craze
BBC News
“When our buyers find out that the pieces are made from recycled bullet casings and bomb shells, metals that were used to harm and kill in the past, which have been turned into something attractive ... it's particularly exciting,” she said. “They are ...

Former YMCA thrift shop employee gets probation for theft - Roanoke Times

Former YMCA thrift shop employee gets probation for theft
Roanoke Times
As part of his job duties, he was responsible for taking accumulated scrap metals to the New River Recycling Center, according to the warrant. “Osborne was believed to be keeping the greater majority of the proceeds from these transactions instead of ...

Nightcrawler and Horns - Reason


Nightcrawler and Horns
Jake Gyllenhaal plays Louis Bloom, a petty thief who's getting nowhere scavenging scrap metal for a local junk dealer. Driving down a freeway one ... ("If it bleeds, it leads," he chuckles, recycling an ancient tabloid maxim.) It's a job that requires ...

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US deploys DU aircraft to Middle East -

US deploys DU aircraft to Middle East
Contamination enters soil and water while contaminated scrap metal is recycled and used in factories or made into cooking pots or toys for children. If the locations of DU use are officially identified, these could suggest violations of the Geneva ...

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Scrap Brass Recycling

Scrap metal recycling nationwide

Our brass recycling service provides brass
recycling of all forms & alloys. We provide brass
recycling of yellow brass, red brass, rod brass,
aluminum brass & forms such as radiatiors,
fired bullet shells, valves, water meters etc.
We provide brass recycling of other forms including shop
turnings/chips, solids, cut offs, rejects etc.

Our scrap brass buyers will design services that are custom taylored to provide the best options to recycle your brass scrap. We will develop a customized brass recycling program that is best suited to your company's brass scrap collecting and brass recycling requirements. We analyze your range of brass recycling needs, your volume of brass scrap produced and brass alloy type "Yellow brass, Red brass, Aluminum Brass etc." Then consider what kind of brass recycling program pays to recycle your brass scrap. Using this data, our scrap brass buyers can determine how best to process your brass scrap and help you maximize your return from your scrap. Questions? Contact us!

Scrap metal recycling

Did you knnow?

Most scrap metal
recycling companies
have you ship your
scrap metal to them
& that once they
receive your scrap
they can & will
downgrade your scrap
even if you sent a
sample & it has
been described as

That's the difference
we will always make
the deal in person
if needed, then pay
you cash on the spot
prior to loading in
most cases. If it's
1000 lbs of copper
or 100,000 lbs. of
Nickel you can
assure no hassle
payment terms.

So call us now &
save a headache,
money or maybe
even your job with


Of companies that
have high priced
offers, that ask you
to have your scrap
shipped to them!
You have been warned!