Scrap copper wire recycling
Scrap Copper Wire Recycling
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Scrap Copper Wire Recycling

Scrap metal recycling nationwide

American scrap metal provides scrap copper wire recycling and recycling for all forms of copper. We are a scrap copper wire recycling expert and our copper wire buyers are here to serve our customers. Our copper wire buyers will set up a custom developed program for your copper wire recycling needs using our facilities that enable efficient management for scrap copper wire recycling along with other forms of copper. Our copper wire buyers can provide swift payment "in most cases the same day" and free services such as transportation & mutilation of aeromotive or electronic scrap metal items.

We recycle many forms of scrap copper wire. It is commonly used by wire harness manufacturers, controls, electrical panels, commercial electrical contractors & more! If you have any additional questions about our scrap copper wire recycling programs, please contact one of our scrap copper wire buyers.

Scrap Copper Wire Recycling Programs

Our copper wire recycling programs include processing of a wide range of copper wire scrap. These copper wire recycling programs include copper wire recycling of #1 copper wire, #2 copper wire and more!.

What ever your production of scrap copper wire might be: wire harness manufacturers, controls, electrical panels or commercial electrical contractors our copper wire buyers can help you.

Scrap metal recycling

Did you knnow?

Most scrap metal
recycling companies
have you ship your
scrap metal to them
& that once they
receive your scrap
they can & will
downgrade your scrap
even if you sent a
sample & it has
been described as

That's the difference
we will always make
the deal in person
if needed, then pay
you cash on the spot
prior to loading in
most cases. If it's
1000 lbs of copper
or 100,000 lbs. of
Nickel you can
assure no hassle
payment terms.

So call us now &
save a headache,
money or maybe
even your job with


Of companies that
have high priced
offers, that ask you
to have your scrap
shipped to them!
You have been warned!