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Scrap metal recycling

We Offer Scrap Metal Recycling, Hi Temp Alloy Recycling, X-Ray Film Recycling & Electronics Recycling, Our scrap yard serves Blue Springs & the surrounding areas. We continuously improve our recycling programs & customer service, along with this we have some of the most competitive scrap metal prices around.

Our staff will go to great lengths to see that your experience with American Scrap Metal will be swift & proffesional we buy & sell Non-Ferrous scrap metal & have years of experience.

Our complete recycling services are: Shooting range lead recovery & removal, Turbine engine, Electronics & X ray film recycling as well as Nickel Alloy, Tungsten & Molybdenum "Moly" Metal Powder & Dust Recycling. Call us today for your scrap metal prices.

Scrap Metal Recycling

How to recycle and make money with scrap metal recycling

How to recycle and make money with scrap metal recycling Click here for the full article with pictures, links and videos. Please view original article here: Scrap metal recycling blog If your just a typical person cleaning out your garage or back yard or if your a scrap meta...

Man killed at scrap metal yard

The death of a 52-year-old man, killed when a scrap metal baler started while he worked inside, could have been averted if his employer, Atlas Metal & Iron Corp., had made sure the machine was shut down properly, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Hea...
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