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Scrap metal

We are a full service scrap metal recycling company located in Louisiana.
For over 10 years, we have provided fast, fair & reliable scrap metal recycling service to a range of customers
including businesses and individuals, throughout the state of Louisiana. We provide high quality of services for our customers.
Contact one of our scrap yards for additional questions.

Our recycling programs include recycling of: brass, copper,
stainless steel, aluminum etc., in addition American Scrap Metal Louisiana also purchases
high temp nickel alloy which includes hastelloy, inconel,
incoloy, monel & many others, if you have any other exotic alloy
our hi temp & nickel alloy recycling experts can get it tested.

We offer specialty services such as: Shooting range lead recovery & removal, Turbine engine,
Electronics & X ray film recycling as well as Tungsten & Molybdenum “Moly” Metal Powder &
Dust Recycling. Call us today for your scrap metal prices.