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Scrap metal

Metal Recycling Nebraska

Scrap metal

Our scrap metal buyers provide service to Nebraska, statewide scrap metal recycling service. We provide easy terms and competitive prices "We match or pay more than competitors". Our buyers purchase brass, copper, stainless steel & more. Let our scrap metal buyers develop a metal recycling program that is specified to your needs. Your material will be weighed & tested to provide the best prices available in Nebraska.

Our scrap metal recycling programs include: brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum etc., in addition our scrap metal buyers also purchase high temp nickel alloy which includes hastelloy, inconel, incoloy, monel & many others, if you have any other exotic alloy our hi temp & nickel alloy buyers can get it tested.

We offer specialty services such as: Shooting range lead recovery & removal, Turbine engine, Electronics & X ray film recycling as well as Tungsten & Molybdenum "Moly" Metal Powder & Dust Recycling. Call us today for your scrap metal prices.