Scrap metal recycling Richmond
Scrap metal recycling Richmond
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Scrap Metal Recycling Richmond CA

Scrap metal recycling Richmond

American scrap metal provides scrap metal recycling service to Richmond CA & the surrounding areas. American scrap metal's buyers provide easy and swift recycling for general and industrial purposes. We provide custom scrap metal recycling programs for all forms of scrap metals, We recycle it all from aluminum to zinc. Our scrap metal buyers providing service to Richmond can offer you some of the highest rates and swift services. Do you think your company is receiving the best prices for your scrap metal? Our scrap metal buyers will ensure that all of your metals are weighed & tested to provide you with the best rate possible. We also provide our customers with free scrap metal recycling specialty services such as destruction of sensitive items or products & transportation of your scrap metal at no additional charge period. We even offer swift payment terms that are immediate in most cases. Companies and manufacturers rely on their scrap metal recycling service providers to help keep their businesses run smooth & keep quality & safety control happy. We will handle your scrap and give you the highest prices possible.

Scrap Metal Recycling Richmond

Our Richmond CA based scrap metal buyers are here to serve you! We can recycle many forms of scrap & alloys including: stainless scrap, brass scrap, copper wire scrap & more. We recycle solids, turnings & more. Our metal buyers are here to help you with any of your needs. Contact one of our buyers today & make your current program as easy as a call!

Our Scrap Metal Buyers Provide:

Scrap copper wire recycling, scrap brass recycling, scrap stainless recycling, scrap aluminum recycling, scrap hi temp alloy recycling & more! We also provide specialty item recycling such as: turbine engine/parts recycling, grinding sludge/dust recycling, plasma powder recycling, gun range lead reclamation/removal, electronics recycling, sputter target recycling & precious metals refining. Serving Richmond CA & the surrounding areas.

Scrap metal recycling

Did you knnow?

Most scrap metal
recycling companies
have you ship your
scrap metal to them
& that once they
receive your scrap
they can & will
downgrade your scrap
even if you sent a
sample & it has
been described as

That's the difference
we will always make
the deal in person
if needed, then pay
you cash on the spot
prior to loading in
most cases. If it's
1000 lbs of copper
or 100,000 lbs. of
Nickel you can
assure no hassle
payment terms.

So call us now &
save a headache,
money or maybe
even your job with


Of companies that
have high priced
offers, that ask you
to have your scrap
shipped to them!
You have been warned!

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