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Chattanooga Scrap Yard

Chattanooga scrap yard for brass, copper wire, stainless and aluminum. Our Chattanooga scrap yard recycles every grade metals, we are a industrial scrap metal recycling expert. We can provide metal recycling service to all industries to help them recycle.

We can provide scrap metal recycling to the Chattanooga area and all cities in the state of TN.

Scrap metal recycling advantages

Most companies are to busy to visit the scrap yard to get rid of the scrap metal they have, so our scrap metal recycling buyers are here to offer front door service. It’s simple you contact us and we send a agent out to your location to pick up your scrap metal for you.

Payment terms are 5 to 10 day net but in most cases payment can be the same day or next day, when payment is made the same day it is in made in cash.

Cash card?

Our pays in cash in many cases without the need of a cash card, this helps our customers get the cash they need for supplies to help keep the wheels rolling. In most cases other scrap metal recycling companies require a cash card which you have to apply for that can take weeks to get back in the mail. The reason for a cash card is that metal theft has been on the rise so many cities are making it harder to sell stolen scrap metal when all they have really done is make it harder for companies to sell scrap metal.

Scrap metal recycling for alloys

Our company also recycles exotic and high temp alloy including inconel, hastelloy, monel, molybdenum and titanium. Looking for a scrap metal recycling company that can recycle thermal powder, grinding sludge and dust? We recycle molybdenum, nickel and tungsten carbide powder, sludge and dust.

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